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Private Guardian ad Litem Information

According to South Carolina code, section 20-7-1545. Private Guardians ad Litem; appointment. (A) In a private action before the family court in which custody or visitation of a minor child is an issue, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem only when it determines that: 

(1) without a guardian ad litem, the court will likely not be fully informed about the facts of the case and there is a substantial dispute which necessitates a guardian ad litem; or

 (2) both parties consent to the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem who is approved by the court;(B) The court has absolute discretion in determining who will be appointed s a Guardian ad Litem in each case. 

A Guardian ad Litem must be appointed to a case by a SC Family Court Judge.

Donna Toland  is a certified Guardian ad Litem through the South Carolina Children's Law Center. To view Donna's certification go to photos tab and look in the "Certification" album.

Please contact Donna Toland for more information: 

[email protected]    (864) 923-1661

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